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We are spiffy

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Blah made his entire outfit, which involved the sewing on of hundreds of tiny beads and buttons, but I cheated and got my doublet at Desert Torch Tailors. However, I did make my Venetian breeches. I like this look. I’m definitely doing it again.

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Pennsic photos

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Back from Pennsic 34

It was the best one ever. I had fun most of the time and very little personal drama to deal with, thanks mostly to the wonderful company I’ve been keeping. My camp was the bestest.

Our marketing campaign was an unexpected success (although we are registered under “The Sisterhood,” the name we used at war for our camp was “The Whores of Babylon.” Needless to say, we got some attention.) I created a banner and favors with our logo, and by the end of war, the name/logo recognition was amazing. We also developed a reputation for offering daily henna and massage services, featuring lots of beautiful woman lounging about naked, and although we had a closed, walled off encampment, we were very cordial and welcoming to any courteous enough to ring the doorbell. It opened a lot of doors for us. As a result, our whole camp received many invitations to parties and feasts and such. Building off of that next year is going to be interesting.

Yes, there will be a next year. I think that our little camp will survive. It took me nine years to find this wonderful group of people and I hope we can stick together a little longer. And, I have plans for improving our common area. I bought more pillows at Your Inner Vagabond (the Turkish coffeehouse.) We will have the most cushy lounge area. I should also post regular hours for doing the henna. It seemed that we were in camp a lot, but so many people would stop by when no one was around.

Music – I got to jam with Emyrs a few times and that was a good thing. However, I could be so much better if I would just practice more often. I think I am still trying to find a direction. I also met some other violinists who do celtic/folk/bluegrass and might want to pursue that path. My problem is that I’m not just interested in the violin. I play other instruments and I would like to sing more. I’m hoping that a clearer direction develops as the year goes on.

Dance – I danced at Vlad’s almost every night during the first week. I really jumped in there and moved. No hesitations or inhibitions. I owned it. This is the first Pennsic where I felt so confident as a dancer, and people noticed. I got a lot of compliments from friends and strangers alike. However, I was done after the first week. My back started to hurt and I felt sore, so I took a break, and never got back into the mood. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Highlight: I got a private tour of Casa Bardicci and talked to Seamus, one of the designers. The Casa, down by the lake, near Vlad’s, is one of the most impressive temporary structures that is erected at Pennsic each year. It looks like an Italien villa, complete with a chapel, balustrade, musician’s gallery, etc. This year, they built an actual wooden dance floor. When this place is all decked out at night, you are transported to another time and place. I got to see some of the private apartments that wind like a maze behind the Casa walls.

Garb – Every year, Pennsic inspires me in a new direction for garb. This year, I wore some corsets and European garb for the first time in years. My super-spiffy Elizabethan boy outfit was a big hit. I’m prolly going to build off of that for next year.

The only thing I can complain about is that the weather was sweltering, blistering, oppressive hot and humid most of the time. I had packed a huge plastic bin full of clothes and ended up wearing the same sarong everyday to the swimming hole, because it was too hot to do much else other than wade and lounge around camp. I think that the heat also kept me from partying as much as I wanted. I really was done after the Inquisition party at Vlad’s last Tuesday. I didn’t make it to any other parties after that and just tried to take care of myself.

So no, I have no major drama to report. I had an incredibly fun and relaxing time. Sorry to disappoint you all:) Not only were my campmates the best people, but I avoided going anywhere where the “bad people” might be, and I didn’t miss anything as a result. Actually, I ended up being able to spend a lot more time with the people I do like.

I took some photos, but not that many. I will be posting those that are shareable on my flickr blog, so stay tuned.

Pennsic: nearing the end

Pretty much, how I’ve spent my days in camp is we lounge around getting massaged, and I’ve been doing henna. I got to work on music again with Emyrs, and made the occasional trip up to the merchant area and down to the swimming hole and my friends’ camp, Haveabeer. I’m glad that I’ve been able to spend more time with my friends at Haveabeer this year.

I have reached the point now where I’m pretty much exhausted and burnt out. I have had all the fun I can have and now it’s just a matter of surviving the rest of the week. I have a sore throat and my neck hurts from sleeping on it wrong. I am going to try to take it easy from now on.

Last night was a blast. I followed the Haveabeer camp’s procession to the Inquisition party at Vlad’s, and I got totally hammered. Tonite is midnight madness and I may walk around the merchant area and turn in early. Thursday is the hoyty toyty party at Casa Bardicci. Not sure what I’m doing Friday or Saturday. Saturday, I plan on taking a car load home because I don’t think we can make it in one trip.

Pennsic: hot, hot, hot

This is turning out to be my best Pennsic ever, and also the hottest. It has been too hot to move most of the time, but that hasn’t stopped me from having a good time. I have discovered the joys of the classic swimming hole, and just lounging around camp in the shade and not doing much of anything…but I have been doing henna (mehandi) on anyone who asks and, in particular, I’ve been applying our new camp symbol–the trucker mud flap girl–to everyone’s forearms. Yesterday, I actually worked on some songs (played my fiddle) with Emyrs, an esteemed drummer that I met back at Gulf Wars, and it was a very good time.

Pennsic: so far, so good

Ran home today for a bit to put the rear seats back into my car and pick up a few items I missed…got camp set up all nice and cozy like on Sat. without too much trouble. Yesterday, it was hot and I mean HOT. We sat around most of the day and relaxed, listened to music, read, etc. Last night we went to Vlads and it was hella fun. I danced around the fire for a bit and really enjoyed socializing with my friends.

Tues. (tomorrow) – I’m coming back home again to see Between the Waters at the Club Cafe, 7:30 (they go on first).

This is it…

I’ll be offline for a while, starting on Sat. I may check in briefly from the cyber cafe there, but don’t count on it.

How to find me at Pennsic:

My group, The Sisterhood, aka “The Whores of Bablyon” is in E12, just down the hill from the Horde, neighbors with Clan Blue Feather, Von Draken, and Settmoor Swamp.

You may run into me at one of the parties.

Tuesday, Aug. 9, I’m actually coming back in to town to see Between the Waters play at the Club Cafe, early show at 7:30 pm, with Ennui.

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