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Hello from Gulf Wars

Having a great time…wish you were here…

Sunday: arrived in New Orleans, my friends picked me up at the airport and we headed straight to the French Quarter. Had a great time. We had big slushy drinks. We went to the Cat’s Meow so I could sing Karaoke, then to another bar I can’t remember the name…and then finished packing the truck and headed to the camp site. We got there around 2 am and sat there in line until about 8 am when we finally got through troll.

Monday: set up camp. Tired, very tired. Last night, went to a hafla at the Middle Eastern encampment. I actually did break out my fiddle and played some, and danced some, and zilled and I could drop. I had a great time.

Today: I’m on a store run with a friend and we stopped by his house (using his computer now).

I’m sure I’ll have lots of other stories to tell and lots of photos to share when I do get back.


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