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Photos from LBK last night

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It was so good to be back after such a long hiatus…Live Band Karaoke at The Upstage ( last night was hella fun. I wished that I had a video camera to capture Frank and James doing “Rock and Roll” ala Dread Zepelin. Yes, that’s the sort of thing we do at live band karaoke, because the band is live, and you can pretty much take any tempo you want or even change the song around (as in the one guy who broke into singing the lyrics to “Pinball Wizard,” while the band was playing “Folsom Prison Blues”). It’s not like any other karaoke you’ve seen, and Pittsburgh is the 3rd city in the country to introduce live band karaoke.

LBK is on every other week now, so the next one will be Friday the 13th, MWAHAHAHAHA! Practice your songs:

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