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Gulf Wars*

I think I’m committed to going now, since I just saw my name on the class schedule for teaching music classes, doh!

Daily melody jam sessions at Al Mahala w/ Mavi, 4-5p

I also volunteered to fill in teaching any beginner dance classes for which they don’t yet have an instructor. That ought to keep me busy.

*Gulf Wars is an SCA event that happens March 12-19 in Lumberton, MS (

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Home again

Today was also a fun-filled day. After breakfast at the Rusty Pelican again, and a stop at the UPS store to mail my tent and camping stuff back home, we went to Beauvoir, the last residence of Jeffereson Davis. Not that I’m a huge fan or anything, but I do love going on tours of old homes, and this is a good one. The Presidential Library also houses an interesting collection of artifacts from the time period, including a few magnificent Victorian gowns. And I just got back to home and the kitties a little while ago. I’m still pretty sick and I’m probably going straight to bed after this, but I wanted to write another installment of “thoughts on Gulf Wars.”

More thoughts on Gulf Wars, part II:

Gulf Wars has some amenities that Pennsic doesn’t have. For one thing, the showers are warmer and there are more of them to go around. They seemed luxurious to me, compared to what I’m used to, but I would hear the locals complain all the time about how cold the water is. I learned not ask or answer that question because my standards are definitely lower.

Another thing: the ice delivery truck makes daily runs around the site, so you need not trek any distance to the store for ice. They bring it to you. Shweet.

The cafeteria featured three hot meals a day and it was consistently good down-home Southern cooking. I had the best collard greens of my life there last week. Also, the cornbread, black eyed peas, red beans and rice, fried chicken, catfish, grits, biscuits…oh oh oh oooooh. Let’s just say I have to get back on plan this week.

The French Quarter

So…after we had breakfast at the Rusty Pelican in Longbeach (ya gotta love that name!), we set out for the French quarter. We walked up and down Decatur and shopped in the French market, went to Kruz–they have lots of cool Indian stuff and they even had some FCBD videos and Mimi Spencer’s Gems books. Had cafe au lait and beignets at Cafe du Monde. Walked around the Riverwalk. Had some fresh ice cold oysters at Felix’s and some boiled crawfish. Found a Lush store and bought some luscious bath products. Had a couple drinks at Johnny Whites. Not necessarily in that order. Crashing again in Longbeach tonite.

More thoughts on Gulf Wars:

I could not help but compare this event to Pennsic. It was very similar to the first week at Pennsic–it isn’t so crowded, it’s relaxed and laid back. There were maybe half as many merchants as there are at Pennsic, some of the same ones that I’ve seen at Pennsic but many who don’t do Pennsic. Needless to say it was an adventure each time I walked around the marketplace.

One major aspect of this event are the falconry, hound, and equestrian activities. I had never seen such things because Pennsic does not allow pets. I loved watching the hounds coursing, and their owners/handlers were happy to answer all of my questions and let me pet the hounds. I also watched some equestrian folks get certified for jousting. The man in charge was nice enough to explain everything that was going on to the spectators. He said that jousting is still experimental in the SCA but they were working towards standards for certification. They used lances with styrofoam tips that broke easily on contact, and they started out very slowly, doing many practice runs to get the horses used to it. It was cool. It really broadened my SCA horizons because I got to see so many other activities going on.

Well, pizza’s here so I will continue this later.

Longbeach, MS: Back from Gulf Wars

I’m back from Gulf Wars and I’m staying with a friend in Longbeach, MS until my flight leaves tomorrow.


…despite the cold and the rain and the sick. Yes, I was sick most of the time, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time. I’m surprised by how much I was out of my tent and ambulatory…and I don’t know where to start. I’ll try to briefly recap my activities:

Monday – arrived, set up camp, went to jam at Al Mahala and met lots of other wonderful musicians and dancers there and was impressed by their setup. They have a huge dance tent, covered with carpets and pillows, with plenty of room for musicians, dancers and spectators to lounge and have a good time.

Tuesday – made a run into town for supplies. It rained a lot. I was so pleased with how my tent held up. It kept all my stuff very dry. We stayed in because of the rained and just chatted in our tents.

Wednesday – the sick got the best of me and I spent most of the day and night in bed. I don’t feel like I missed much, though, because it was so cold and still damp and muddy that there wasn’t much going on. Bringing those rubber boots was a good idea because I used them!

Thursday – felt better, well enough to watch the hounds coursing and some of the equestrian activities, and walk around the market place. It was still really cold, even during the day. You’ll see when I post my photos how everyone is bundled up.

Friday – was the Known World party, but I didn’t feel like going. Instead I hung out at Al Mahala and jammed with Denys and the others. It was good to play with other musicians finally, after a long hiatus. I struggled to remember a lot of the songs, and Denys taught me some new ones, and I managed to pull a few new ones out of my hat as well (played songs that I heard from memory). I sang Bir Demet Jasemen, and then Denys took over the melody on his flute, and shortly after that, a lord came up to me and said that I just gave him “a gulf wars moment”–he really liked it. The next day, I visited him at his merchant’s booth and…

Saturday – …he and his wife were still gushing about my performance. I picked out two rings that I wanted to purchase from their booth and they wouldn’t take my money–they gifted them to me. That pretty much made my week. That, and Denys, and getting to spend lots of quality time with Jen, Gwladys, and Blue. They are the best campmates I could ever ask for. By this time, it warmed up, I was feeling better, and that evening, I went to the Seven Deadly Sins party at Marshin Fayne, and got mah groove on. That was the only real party I managed to make it to all week. I might have to elaborate on that a bit more in a friends-only post (wink-wink).

Sunday – broke down camp (it rained), lunch at the Waffle House, and made it back here and crashed. We all went down for a nap and I am just now waking up.

Today, I am going to hang out with Blue in Longbeach for a bit, then maybe we will meet Jen in the French Quarter and do some shopping. I’m glad I have this little bit of “decompression” time before returning to “reality,” but I can’t wait to see my kitties, and I miss my cruiser (the grimster), and my mommy, and my bro, and my friends. You are all going to get sick of hearing about Gulf Wars from me eventually.

Hello from Gulf Wars

Having a great time…wish you were here…

Sunday: arrived in New Orleans, my friends picked me up at the airport and we headed straight to the French Quarter. Had a great time. We had big slushy drinks. We went to the Cat’s Meow so I could sing Karaoke, then to another bar I can’t remember the name…and then finished packing the truck and headed to the camp site. We got there around 2 am and sat there in line until about 8 am when we finally got through troll.

Monday: set up camp. Tired, very tired. Last night, went to a hafla at the Middle Eastern encampment. I actually did break out my fiddle and played some, and danced some, and zilled and I could drop. I had a great time.

Today: I’m on a store run with a friend and we stopped by his house (using his computer now).

I’m sure I’ll have lots of other stories to tell and lots of photos to share when I do get back.

Okay…now I’m starting to feel nervous/excited about leaving for my vacation, Sunday. I’ll be gone until March 22. I won’t have Internet during that time. Woohoo! I’ll have my mobile phone, but I won’t have it on all the time.

I’m going to Gulf Wars. No, it’s not a conflict in the Middle East–it’s an SCA event that takes place on the Gulf coast of Mississippi. For those of you not in the know about such things, it is a week-long camping costume party, similar to Pennsic, but I’m told that it has a very different vibe, it’s more laid back, etc. I’ve never done gulf wars before, but I’ve been to Pennsic the past eight years. I’m looking forward to this new adventure. I need to start sorting out what garb to take. I already sent down my tent and camping gear (because I’m flying down). So, all the rest of my stuff has to fit in my suitcase and carry-on. I’ve already decided on some things that I’m not taking. I decided against any of the Tunisian garb, because, eventhough it would wear well, the jewelry and accessories that go with it are precious to me and I don’t want to risk losing them, and they have too many sharp metal bits to keep in my carry-on. I also decided against anything European. I don’t have that much of that stuff anyway. So, I’ll be sporting either my Turko-Persian or my Indian persona.

Happy b-day tomorrow to littletrixie! I wish you were coming down to Gulf Wars with us.

Going to Gulf Wars

So, it’s for sure now. I requested the time off and made a flight reservation. I’m going to Gulf Wars. Never been there, but I need to expand my horizons and get away from here for a while, and I need something to look forward to. Now I must go tent shopping.

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