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Washington, DC: Style & Status

Style & Status:

The exhibit of Ottoman period clothing at the Sackler was impressive. It was mostly all male coats or caftans, with a shoe and a few hats and other textiles. A few of the garments were displayed in cases such that you could walk all the way around them and see the back. This proved enlightening because I could see that the back of one garment was all one piece. The pieces were amazingly well-preserved considering they dated back to the 15th-17th c. It was worth the trip to see it. The items came from different collections and it’s lucky to see so many of them in one place (outside Topkapi). It closes on Jan. 22. I purchased the accompanying booklet for about $13 and it has good photos of everything. There is a large coffee table book with some nicer-looking plates for $50.

From the Bureau of Gothic Tourism:

I checked out Midnight (formerly Catacomb), Saturday nights at 1707 Lst NW in Washington, DC (The Meeting
Place). Half block from the Farragut North Metro stop. 9pm-3am. $5 cover. 18+ Featuring DJ Phae, DJ Liebchen, DJ London and DJ St. Aspartame. Guest DJs weekly.

It was the closest thing I’ve found anywhere else in the US to our very own Ceremony in da ‘Burgh, but even friendlier, more laid back, less drama, better music, etc. The space itself isn’t much to speak of. Slightly smaller than The Upstage, it’s big enough for the crowd that shows and there’s plenty of seating, affordable drinks, but minimal decor/ambiance. People were mostly dressed down, basic black and some fetish gear, not many going over the top. I saw a lot of the same types of people that you see at Ceremony, almost as if I were in a parallel universe. They had a few vendors selling CDs and some chainmail and leather gear, and they had cake. I’m told that cake is a weekly ritual for anyone who’s had a birthday that week.

Jaime and Dave’s Wedding

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So I finally uploaded the photos from the wedding last Sat. Enjoy!

Friday: Carousel Begins

This looks cool; clipped from the

Prepare to renew.

Friday nights. Pool tables. Darts. One of those tabletop videotrivia
thingies. Exotic food and beverages from around the globe.

A certain DJ returns…

>From one of the Hivemind that brought you Lipsvc and Iniquity comes

Every Friday at Ray’s Marlin Beach Bar & Grill (Butler Ave. in
Lawrenceville). 10 p.m. – 2 a.m., no cover, 21+.

Not a “danceclub” so much as a new hipster juke-joint for the doom &
glam set. Not so heavy on the thud und oontz this time – though, yea,
it shall have its place; listen for modern and classic
Electro-Computercore, Gothic guitar god goodness circa 1982, Eastern
Bloc Technopop, Cold War Coldwave, glitzy Glamrock from before the
Dawn of Man when the drums and guitars were real but the blood was
fake. Plus… Nu Wave, No Wave, Eighties obscurities, and that wiggly
thing with the fake German accent.

Drink! Dine! Dance! Build sandcastles while wearing vinyl!

The Future is now and its success depends on you. Please join us.

For map, see

Goth cruise?

Clipped from the, this looks interesting:

Gothic Cruise

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