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A few more photos from Shimmy…

Originally uploaded by mirvana.

I uploaded a few more photos from the Shimmy event. I didn’t get that many because my camera battery died. If anyone else took any photos at the show, please share!

Gypsy Night RAWKED!

Originally uploaded by mirvana.

Gypsy Night at the Rhythm House Cafe was hella fun! You shoulda been there!

Protected: Le Weekend update; random comments about the bellydance scene

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Photos from the Zenith

I didn’t take any photos at the art opening but, nlanza did:


The art thing at the Zenith last Friday was hella fun. I danced with jacquez and other members of Yalla Yalla Hey!, accompanied by Jacques and Angus (Vlad’s) on percussion, as part of the entertainment. There was another drum guy who joined us later, but I didn’t get his name, and another dance-friend showed up and joined us for a few rounds of improv dance. There was also a guy who played keyboard and sang during our breaks, and he was good. The crowd was lively and I ran into several people I knew that I didn’t expect to be there, for example, an old roommate from umpteen years ago, not to mention all the friends who showed up. I liked being able to get out and be social like this. The art was much to my liking. I wanted to buy some, and the prices were a bargain, but I was distracted with my duties as entertainer. I’ll have to go back there sometime just to check out the art and get some eats–the place is also a vegan restaurant and tea room.

New photos

I recently did a photo shoot in dance costume:
mavi walking in alley

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Bellydance classes downtown, Pittsburgh

I teach a beginner-level bellydance class downtown at the YWCA, “Dancin’ Abs,” Tuesdays at 12:30, and it is in danger of being cancelled if attendance doesn’t pick up. I get 3-5 regular students each week, and that’s enough to keep it going for a while, but the other class that was offered on Thursdays at 5:30 was already cancelled and I’m just getting worried. It could still be reinstated, if there is enough interest. So, if you work or live near downtown and ever thought about taking a class, now’s the time to do something about it. Contact me or Carol Chatman at the YWCA for more info.

I still teach two other private classes downtown (I was renewed for another 8 weeks), so if I lose the YW gig, it’s no biggie, but my regular students really love the class and don’t want to see it go. I don’t blame them. It’s nice to have your choice of different fitness classes to break up the monotony.

Spark Tour Notes

My notes have been posted to mirvdance. Enjoy.

Sparks flying

I just got back from the Spark workshop. I took both sessions: one with Jill Parker of Ultra Gypsy and the other with Heather Stantz of Urban Tribal, so I’ve pretty much been killing my body since about 10 am this morning. I took notes every step of the way, and I’ll be writing them up and posting them soon on my dance journal, mirvdance. Right now, I’m just waiting for my pizza to be done, then hot soak in tub, then nap until the show tonite. I can already feel the kind of pain I will be in tomorrow, but it’s a good thing. I really enjoyed it. The Jill Parker session was a good pace for me, maybe not challanging enough, but the Heather Stantz session kicked my butt. She really packed a lot of strange moves and combinations in. I took a similar workshop with her at Spirit of the Tribes a few years ago, and it flew right over my head, but I think that this time, a lot more of it sunk in, and I got a lot more out of it. Jill Parker is closer to my teachers’ style and I was more familiar with her moves.

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