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Photos from Ceremony

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9th anniversary of Ceremony…that makes the third night in a row that I was at The Upstage this week. Do I get a prize?


Now that’s what I like–when lots of my friends show up at Ceremony (goth club night), and they are actually playing good music, and I can dance a lot, and everyone has a good time, and at the end of the night, I get hugs by lots of pretty people.


Some photos from Saturday and LBK:

And, that’s a wig!

Oh, and thanks so much, evilkellychan, for the shots. Thanks to all my friends who came out last night. The music was really good all night long, people were dancing and having a good time, and see–would it kill them to do more nights like that? But I guess that none of the regular nightshift DJs want to play more music like that. Next week it will be back to the stompy stompy. I’m just waiting for one of the youngsters on to complain about how bad the “yuppy” music was last night.

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