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For my own future reference:

Live G/I-related shows coming up in Pittsburgh at Garfield Artworks.
4931 Penn Avenue. All ages.

Sun Jan 22
with Reinforced, Agnes Wired for Sound & Cyberstrukture

Sun Feb 26

Wed Mar 1
THE CZARS (on the Cocteau Twins’ label Bella Union) + REMORA

Sun Mar 5

Wed Mar 8
MI AND L’AU (from Finland, on Michael Gira of Swans’ Young God Records)

Thu Apr 6

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This Wednesday at the Rex:

Carol Blaze (Al Vish’s project),
Aydin (very cool group),
& Veshya

in that order. Starting at 8 pm. I really liked Carol Blaze (Al Vish) the last time I saw him, and you should all know by now how much I like Between the Waters. Aydin is also a really good local band, and I don’t know about Veshya but it’s prolly worth checking out.

20/20 Proof CD release party

I almost forgot…it was a great show last Friday and you shoulda been there! The turnout was somewhat disappointing, probably due to the weather. You silly Pittsburghers! I thought there would be more of a crowd because of all the different bands playing so I didn’t try promoting it too hard, but I think that the cold wet yukky weather kept a lot of people away. Anyway:

All the bands put on a great performance.

Boca Chica went on first. They are very folkie sounding, with all acoustic instruments: banjo, guitar, violin, stand-up bass, etc. Female vocalist. Sounded like Joan Baez or Indigo Girls, but I’m not very knowledgable about that genre so don’t go by me. I thought they sounded good but it’s not my cuppa tea.

Between the Waters went on next and they were awesome, as usual. My friends at the show who never saw them before said they really liked them, and liked their “haunting” sound.

There was a long pause afterwhich, and we sat there wondering what was taking so long for the next band to come up.

Harangue – after they finally got started, I didn’t think I would like them at first, but by the end of their set I really really liked them. The singer looked like Johnny Depp and acted just as strangely as some of his characters. On some songs, they sounded vaguely like The Cramps, and P said they reminded her of Klaus somebody…an art rocker from the 70s? They put on a quirky and weird stage performance. The singer even stopped in the middle of a song because his mic had fallen out of the stand, and then they started right up again where they left off. There was much chuckling about it in the audience. I really liked the instrumental they played, which is the track on the 20/20 Proof compilation CD, N’est Front Pas. I was especially impressed with their drummer. He played a lot of complex funky rhythms, like what you find on the last page of your “Funky Rhythm Primer” (note to those of you who never had drum lessons, the rhythms in the book get progressively harder and harder.)

Chalk Outline Party – liked them a lot. They were the “loudest” band to go on. I think the singer sounds like Nick Cave, if Nick was more energetic. You can tell that the lead guitarist is heavily influenced by classic rock and progressive metal. Some of the guitar licks reminded me of Van Halen and Rush. But this band definitely has their own unique sound.

The last band was Ennui, and I had seen them before, and we were tired, so we did not hang around for their set. But I do like Ennui and will make an effort to see them again some other time.

Sianspheric and A Northern Chorus @Garfield Artworks

Sianspheric–…like ocean waves crashing into my soul, and…musical orgasms. Liked ’em a lot. Exemplary shoegazer sound–shimmery, layered guitar effects, almost overtaking the vocals, but still with a sense of melody. I purchased their RGB DVD and CD set.

A Northern Chorus–…notes ringing out like droplets of rain into a still pool…also liked very much. More artistically crafted landscape of sound, with cello and harmonizing vocals. I purchased their latest CD, Bitter Hands Resign.

If you like these bands, you should come out to see Between the Waters play at the Club Cafe on Tue., Aug. 9, the early show.

MC Homeless (hip-hop) from Ohio opened up and I thought it was pretty good for hip-hop. However, the other opening band did not show up and I spent and excruciatingly boring time waiting for something else to happen. There was hardly anyone there when I showed up, and all told there were maybe a little over 20 people in attendance for the headliners. I talked to Manny and asked him stupid questions, to which I got extremely informative answers which made me feel stupid, but I appreciated the information. Manny is an amazingly useful resource when it comes to indie music, if you can stand being served. Otherwise, it was uncomfortably warm in the venue, the sound was a bit fuzzy, and I became dangerously tired in the middle of A Norther Chorus, so I didn’t see their whole set. But I got the CD, which is awesome, having listened to it in the car on the way home.

Noteworthy: Some new friends/acquaintences lured me away from the show briefly to get a beer at a local bar, Nico’s. This place is one of those cool neighborhood corner pubs. We played the “there are almost no degrees of separation from anyone if you live in Pittsburgh” game. I just met these people and sure enough, we discovered that we had a vast pool of mutual friends and connections. Needless to say, I enjoy meeting new people, even if I already practically know them.

Shoegazey goodness, this Friday

I think I might have to check this out (copied from Manny’s post on

Fri July 29 8 pm all ages $7
Garfield Artworks, 4931 Penn Ave

two Canadian shoegaze / space-rock / dreampop bands on
Sonic Unyon Records

after a decade of isolation in the Great North, this band embarks on
first real US tour ever! from the early 90s, this group has been
by fans of atmospheric rock as the Canadian equivalent to the likes of
My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Lush, & the like. Everyone
who used
to go to those Lowsunday shows – do not miss this!!

“The beautiful Gothic prints wrapping the sophomore album from
ANC foreshadow the artistic accomplishment inside. Their wordsmithing
makes them stand out among their shoegazey peers, ahd the sleeve art
acts a picture book of prints to complement their lyrical narratives.
soothing soundscapes of dreampop guitar and lush, meandering vocals
make this followup to their Spirit Flags debut awe-inspiring.” – Now

with K-The-I (MC from Cambridge MA)
and MC Homeless (Kent Ohio)

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Tonite: Between the Waters with The New Fiction @ Club Cafe

Show starts at 7:30 pm, 21+, $5

Now I have two “Substances”

I also got “Substance” by Joy Division. I figured since I love the New Order “Substance” so much, I would like its predecessor. They are a little before my time, though.

I must be old, since I am buying these albums that are now 20+ years old. It used to be that I was always buying the newest cutting edge music as soon as it was released, but now I’m looking for things that are so old, they are almost out of print now. Still, I wouldn’t say I’m much of a collector. My bro’ buys about 20 new CDs every month. I can’t even keep up with that, but I always need something new to listen too, even if it’s really 20 years old.

I did recently purchase something that is quite new–Rasputina’s latest Radical Recital. It is AWESOME. It is a live recording from a show they did here in Pittsburgh at Mr. Small’s theatre–good acoustics. The recording quality is impressive, and it includes Melora’s witty introductions to each song and two covers not on any other albums that I’m aware of: “Barracuda” and “Rock n Roll.” Highly recommended.

Speaking of new CD acquisitions, I am realizing that my “collection” is now exceeding my storage capacity, so I might be shopping for CD towers today. Other than that, I’m hoping I can get some laundry done and maybe even some sewing–Aethelmearc War Practice is in two weeks!!!

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