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18th c. Fancy mens shirt

I’ve been playing in the land of 18th c. Menswear again. This is for a friend, for a fancy dress party that we are attending next week.
Here is the shirt with the cravat:

Kannik’s 1812 Waistcoat in the field!

Thanks to my friend, John, here you can see the finished Waistcoat in all its glory! I really like how this one turned out. Taken at Gennessee Country Museum this past weekend. 

Kannik’s Korner 1812 waistcoat done!

So much hand sewing….I hope it fits.

Kannik’s 1812 waistcoat: progress report

The fronts are just about done. The pocket, lining, and buttonholes are in. After doing the pocket and lining all by hand, I resorted to machine sewing the buttonholes. I tried handsewing one, and it just looked hideous.

Kannik 1812 waistcoat

Can’t sleep…so this is a quickie post on what I’m working on. It’s a Kannik’s waistcoat, for my 1812 reenactor friend. So far I cut the pieces out, basted the interfacing and stay tape to the fronts, and started on the welt pockets – all by hand.

US milspec 1812 roundabout jacket…

Very bad camera-phone photo, but it’s done! Lots of hand sewing went into this one. And that’s my pillow under there, lol. I hope it fits!!!

Current Sewing Project: US Army Roundabout, 1812

I’m working for my black powder/Rev. war reenactor friend again. He’s been doing War of 1812 stuff lately, so this is an army jacket of that period, based on It only includes sizes 38-44, and I had to scale and adjust the pattern up for a size 54 – a non-trivial task, but my fitting skills just get better. I did a muslin fitting and cut out all the pieces, and so far have the welt pocket on the right front sewn. I’m working on it little by little, as I find the time. The design and construction of the back is not too different from the 1870s Robe Anglaise that I did last year.

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