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Tomb of Mereruka

This was one of my favorite sites to see when I was in Egypt last month.

Egyptian Monuments

The mastaba of Mereruka (also known as Meri) is the largest of the Old Kingdom tombs at Saqqara and reflects his very important position during the reign of Teti in Dynasty VI. He is named as ‘Chief Justice and Vizier, Inspector of Priests and Tenants of the Pyramid of Teti’, ‘Scribe of the Divine Books’. Mereruka’s importance was perhaps increased by his marriage to the King’s eldest daughter, Princess Seshseshet (also known as Watetkhethor or Watet-Hathor). The mastaba complex is located on the northern side of Teti’s pyramid, the first of a row of the largest and most important of the Old Kingdom tombs. The tomb, which was first excavated in 1892 by Jaques de Morgan, is famous for its fine reliefs of many aspects of daily life and customs of the Old Kingdom.

The tomb of Mereruka

This is a very elaborate and complex mastaba of 32 chambers which is divided into three…

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