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Persian Garb (via Middle Eastern Dance Guild)

Great collection of patterns and instructions for SCA-period Persian garb.

I have been in contact with Mistress Roxane Farabi Shahzadeh (Melinda Haren) and she has graciously allowed me to post some patterns that she has done. They were also done with Safi ‘al Khansa (Heather Stiles). This is all of their research and their work. And is wonderful! Clothing article (PDF) Chadur (PDF) Chargat (PDF) Female Headdresses (PDF) Joba Instructions (PDF) Kordi (PDF) Libas Instructions (PDF) Naqsh-e (PDF) Pirahan Instructions for … Read More

via Middle Eastern Dance Guild


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2 thoughts on “Persian Garb (via Middle Eastern Dance Guild)

  1. If you still have access to these patterns. I would love to see them. The links on the other website don’t seem to work no more. Thank you

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