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Mens Jacket; Burda Pattern Roundup

So I’ve been working on this really challenging sewing project lately, and I’m still far from being finished, but made a lot of progress with it this weekend. I’m making a mens blazer or suit jacket, single breasted, semi-fitted, partially lined, for the boyfriend. I’ve made jackets with lapels before, but they didn’t turn out all that well, so I have been super-meticulous about making this one right. Lapels are really hard: they are usually several pieces, curved seams, and the dots must line up precisely, or it won’t work.

I’m using this pattern, view B:

Burda 7918

I made some modifications to the pockets and I’m using my preferred finishing techniques, but otherwise am trying to follow it as designed/written. Have already put many hours over several days into it…and so now I think I’ve run out of steam and need a little break from it.

Quick Burda Pattern Roundup

Some other things that I made lately are just some comfortable everyday clothing for my own wardrobe.

Burda 7916 – a very easy t-shirt pattern with lots of variations

Burda 8316 – already made four garments from this one, two of each view, with some modifications. I used camo ripstop fabrics, and cotton canvas. Once you’ve mastered putting in zippers, pants are easy.

Burda 7678 – and I made view A in this one, very easy with the serger, and I’ll prolly make a few more because I have lots of jersey knit in my stash.


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