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This Friday:

I know it’s early to be thinking about it, but I just wanted to pass on this information for Mike Isaac, who is petitioning to get on the ballot for state senate, I think. He is holding a fundraiser this Friday, March 3, 7-9 pm at Touch nightclub in the Strip, 1400 Smallman St. Free food and drinks, $15 donation.

Addendum: Mike Isaac is running for US House of Representatives for the
14th District (which is basically Pittsburgh and surrounding regions).

The incumbent is Mike Doyle, who’s never actually had to run
against another democratic candidate in Pittsburgh. Doyle has run
unopposed in the Democratic Primary ever since they redistricted and
Pittsburgh became part of the 14th District. So, fundamentally, Mike
Isaac is trying to give voters in Pittsburgh some choice in their
federal representation.

Mike Isaac is a high school civics teacher at Allerdice and he’s
running on a progressive Democratic platform. Here’s a link to a
summary of his views:

The campaign especially needs volunteers this week, feb 25th to
march 2nd, to gather signatures for the petition to get Mike Isaac on
the ballot for the Democratic primary. Signature gatherers have to be
registered democrats, though I’m sure the campaign can find something
for non-registered volunteers to help with.

If you want to get involved, email

Even if you can’t get involved, come to our happy hour party at
Touch, in the Strip District (1400 Smallman). March 3rd, 7pm-9pm.
$15 donation requested, free drinks from 7-9, free food, listen to
some political banter, sign a petition to get Mike on the ballot.


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