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It’s always feast or famine here in da ‘Burgh

Once again, there is a plethora of things going on this Friday so I’m going to have to narrow it down.

the seven fields of aphelion opening

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black moth super rainbow

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70s gymnastics

Friday Jan 06, 2006
at 6:00 PM

The Quiet Storm
5430 Penn Avenue (at Graham in Garfield)
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
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Black Moth Super Rainbow / Power Pill Fist
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the seven fields of aphelion art opening at the quiet storm.
art viewing from 6 – 8
power pill fist live @ 8PM
black moth super rainbow live @ 8:45PM

All Ages

Also, Chuck Owston and members of Vequinox are doing a 12th Night celebration:

01/06/2006 06:30 PM  –  Bryn Mawr Church
2901 State St., White Oak, PA 15131  –  Free

Medieval English Twelfth Night celebration with music by Owl Stone the Minstrel (Chuck Owston) and others, medieval desserts, other entertainment.

Addendum: Free viewing of Episode iv (the original) this friday @ 9 pm at The Rex


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