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All we want for Christmas is our dignity…

Things I liked about having Christmas with my family this year:

1. Cookies, and lots of them.

2. Getting my arse whooped by my bro, playing Trivial Pursuit DVD Star Wars Saga Ed. My bro is a true starwoid. He beat me everytime and nearly shamed me with his star wars geek prowess. The first game, he got the win while I had only two pie wedges, but I did get all the pie wedges before he got the win on the last game. I don’t think I could ever actually beat him though. I would have to watch all the movies at least 20 more times each.

3. 24 hours of A Christmas Story on tbs.

4. Gifts from my aunt who understands my taste in clothing.

5. Not having any big arguments. It was surprisingly peaceful.

Things I did not like:

1. Being bored. There’s only so many times you can play trivial pursuit and watch A Christmas Story before it loses it’s charm.

2. Missing a certain boyfriend who went home to his family.

3. Realizing that you’ve eaten way too many cookies.

4. Wishing I could have given out more presents.


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