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Happy Halloween

Pittsburgh – Allegheny General Hospital South Tower – Oldest part of the hospital. Noises and people talking are heard, and some have seen things.

Pittsburgh – Baldwin – South Hills Bowl – White misty apparition

Pittsburgh – Blue Mist Road – On this road at night a bluish mist forms over the road. There is also a cemetery on this street. Two headstones touch every full moon. And when the full moon is over, they don’t touch anymore.

Pittsburgh – Byers Hall, CCAC North Campus – Old mansion, turned administration building. Story has it the Byers family went out to a dinner party, left the baby home with the nanny. The nanny went to check up on the baby and she found the baby dead in her crib. The nanny was so distraught, she hung herself. The parents came home later that night and found the nanny hanging over the staircase and the ghost of their dead baby looking at her. The second floor is closed off, however there is a window you can look up into and some say that you can still see the nanny hanging there with the baby looking at her.

Pittsburgh – Carnegie Library – This library was built over a old cemetery and believed at night spirits haunt it.

Pittsburgh – Carlow College – Room 947 – Late at night, students have reported seeing misty apparitions. They also hear scratching noises on the walls. Lights have also be said to turn on by themsleves.

Pittsburgh – Cathedral of Learning – Unknown spirits haunt this building. This is mainly on the top floor of it.

Pittsburgh – Chatham College – In the basement of the Mellon building is a pool and bowling alley. It is known mostly to lifeguards that work at the pool. Andrew Mellon haunts the bowling alley, it is usually very cold in the room. One gets a very creepy feeling. If you don’t want to experience anything don’t bowl! At times the pins will resent themselves as if taunting you to keep playing.

Pittsburgh – Civic Arena – The neighborhood that was demolished to build the arena is said to come alive at night. The whole dome suddenly filling with the sounds of people, streetcars and car horns. Mario Lemieux, star player for the Pgh Penguins has said he’s seen shadowy guys in 1920s clothes mulling about in the halls.

Pittsburgh – Dixmont – This asylum will soon be turned into a Wal-Mart. Strange noises can be heard there. Be careful, they have video cameras and the police will arrest you.

Pittsburgh – Dixmont Mental Hospital – Lots of ghosts of formal mental patients who died there.

Pittsburgh – Duquesne University – St. Ann’s Living Learning Center – Room 409 – A boy walks into the room and throws things around the room.

Pittsburgh – Frick mansion – is haunted by Sarah Frick.

Pittsburgh – Fort Pitt Museum(Point State Park) – The Battle of Grant’s Hill was fought at this location during the French & Indian War in 1758.Security Guards have seen people on the monitors that were not there. Objects have disappeared from the museum. Strange sounds have been heard from empty parts of the museum. A re-enactor was murdered there during the early 1970’s.

Pittsburg – hell’s tunnel – Apparitions of a noose that swings, hear a father calling for his son.

Pittsburgh – ICM School Of Business and Medical Careers – A woman use to work at ICM for 20 yrs ever since it opened, well no one liked her and she was going for a supervisor job but the administrators at that time threatened her to not take the position cause one of the ones that worked there wanted her husband as the Supervisor. Well, one day they all went up to her office at night and her door was shut, when they walked in she had a heart attack and died in the school. Ever since then she haunts the school at night a ghost apparition of a woman has been seen there roaming the halls at night.

Pittsburgh – John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center – This building, in the Stripped District of Pittsburgh, was once site of the Chautauqua Lake Ice Co, which exploded due to fire on February 9, 1898. The building has since been renovated and now houses the John Heinz History Center. Several staff members, including night security guards, have witnessed strange sights and sounds there. Most activity seems to center around the 5th floor (used as storage/archives) and the loading dock area. Spirits have been known to occupy and interact with the exhibits there. The History Center is open to the public 7 days a week from 10AM to 5PM (holidays excluded).

Pittsburgh – Kaufman’s Department Store- The 10th floor is haunted by the disembodied footsteps of what is believed to be one of Major Grant’s Highlanders who was killed in the battle where the hill once stood during the French & Indian War.

Pittsburgh – Kennywood Park – This isn’t so much a report of a haunting as it is the clearing up of a false report. The report of the Steel Phantom ghost is completely inaccurate and just not possible as the Steel Phantom was built in the early 1990’s, whereas Kennywood was built in 1898. This makes the stories time line false. I have personally never seen a news story involving any death with the building of the Steel Phantom.

Pittsburgh – Livermore Cemetery – Believed to be haunted by towns people who where killed in a flood. Apparitions of buildings have been reported. Cars that park nearby are said to have things missing after being parked there (license plates, antennas, hubcaps)

Pittsburgh – Mercy Hospital – a ghost of a caring nun haunts the 6th floor of the old building.(use to be Devine Mercy Hospital) the 6th floor was the OB department until the late 60s when it closed. Her name is believed to be Sister Mary Loretta. She is always looking out for staff and others. And she has been said to have been many times my patients at night who tell other staff members that a nun was in there room and brought them a blanket or a water pitcher. There are no nuns at mercy providence who care for patients anymore.

Pittsburgh – Mifflin Elementary School – but there has been 3 sightings of a green floating man in the music room. Also, during extra-curricular activities, a floating face has been seen. Strange lights, noises, and glowing have also been seen.

Pittsburgh – National Aviary – Civil War soldiers walk the halls at night.

Pittsburgh – North shore/Northside – Allegheny Center, Building #7 – It has a documented high turnover for students living there, which some say is due to a “bad vibe” the building gives off. It had several incidents of strange phenomenon ranging from cold spots, knocking/rapping, poltergeist like activity, and even visual sightings. The energy’s also seem to not be concentrated in just one place, and move freely around the building. Wide majorities of people have reported experiences while living there. A student radio show around Halloween did a segment about the building, and it had several call-ins about strange occurrences at “Agony #7” (a student nickname given to the building). Many skeptics blame the activity on student recreational drug use, pranks, and people blowing easily explained occurrences out of proportion. But many skeptics have become believers.

Pittsburgh – North Side Childcare, North Ave – This used to be a supermarket in the 80’s and a woman was shot in the face with a shotgun while shopping. Children have seen a headless woman walking inside the building

Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Playhouse – unknown spirits haunted this building.

Pittsburgh – Plum – Hankey Church Cemetery – Rumors are to be believed that if the gates on the front entrance of the cemetery are closed that the spirits are kept in. If there opened then this means that the spirits are wondering

Pittsburgh – Point Park College – Lawrence Hall – A student at living in Lawrence Hall on the 10th floor was said to be smoking a cigarette in her room and fell asleep with the cigarette left lit by her side. The room caught on fire trapping her in her room and killing her. Workers at the college cleaned and repainted the room. A new student moved in and 2 weeks the walls turned chard as if nobody ever painted them. Every year the walls are repainted and they continuously turn chard again. The room is no longer used.

Pittsburgh – Point State Park – For years, city police and the homeless have reported an array of night specters down here ranging from shapeless mists, coonskin frontiersmen, Indians and even George Washington.

Pittsburgh – “Old Main” Administration Building- Duquesne University – The Basement of “old Main” is said to be haunted by slaves, as it was a part of the Underground Railroad. Employees have been said to hear voices and moans. Lights go on and off and doors slam by themselves. Many unexplained happenings

Pittsburgh – Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School – A nun that lived in the convent there many years ago had died and her ghost is said to walk the hall of the third floor of the main school building after school hours. Most of the people who have claimed to have seen her are ones who stay after for extracurricular activities. She has no face so she is known as the faceless nun. When she is seen, she is walking down the hall with her head bowed down and her hands folded as if she is praying. Every year, incoming freshmen within their first two weeks of classes are told the story of the faceless nun. Some don’t believe it, yet a lot of students, past and present, as well as teachers, have claimed to see her.

Pittsburgh – Rolling Hills Country Club – The basement of the club is the original basement of an old farmhouse in which a man hung himself. The ghost was exorcised years ago, but there have still been sightings of the small man and many strange noises.

Pittsburgh – Sarah Heinz House Boys and Girls Club – This place is said to be haunted by 2 ghosts. On of which is Sarah Heinz who is what this building is named after, staff members said to have heard footsteps and saw flickering lights…and every so often they would hear very fait voices during the night. The other ghost is f a boy who died while playing basket ball in the gym, he was up on the balcony above the gym and was looking over into the gym and he accidentally fell, members and staff claimed to still hear a basketball bouncing even though there is nobody in the gym.

Pittsburgh – Shields House – Captain Shields haunts his former home.

Pittsburgh – Three Rivers Stadium – Famous sport stadium home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Supposed victim and fan was set on fire and hung and is said to haunt any road team that ventures into Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh – University Pittsburgh – 201 Bruce Hall – a dorm on the University Pittsburgh Campus is also supposed to be haunted. – November 2003 update: the story on the sight said that room 201 was was actually found that the 12th floor of bruce hall was was the former sight of the schenley hotel..and story has it that the wife and mistress of the owner committed suicide on the 12th floor. the 12th floor is no longer used for housing purposes and is simply office space. Odd happenings have been reported. At times the elevator in Bruce Hall will take you to the 12th floor no matter what floor # you press..sometimes it wont let you go back down for a few minutes.

Pittsburgh – Washington’s Landing (Herr’s Island) – George Washington almost drowned in the icy Allegheny river here. His spirit haunts the eastern end of the island, sometimes on horseback.

Pittsburgh – William Penn Hotel – The unused 22nd and 23rd floor are haunted. Was a female dormitory for a while early in the century. There was a murder in there. Night watchman report, gusts of cold wind, (windows not open), feeling the presents of people watching and unusual sounds of laughter and feet shuffling.

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