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What the TiVo records for me…

I just have to say that I am enjoying Gene Simmons School of Rock tremendously. The idea for this reality show is based on the movie School of Rock that featured Jack Black, which I loved. Gene Simmons is teaching “rock” to a group of students at an elite boarding school just outside of London. Their final exam will be to open for Moterhead. Needless to say, I’m not going to miss it.

Some other programs I am enjoying or have enjoyed lately:

Going Tribal (warning: splash with sound) – this guy hangs out with primitive tribal and nomadish type folks, and doesn’t make a complete and utter fool of himself all the time. Actually, I quite enjoyed the episode on outer Mongolia.

30 Days (warning: splash with sound) – this series was awesome. Same idea as the movie Supersize Me but with different challenges, such as living in a Muslim community, living in a gay community, living on minimum wage, living off the grid, etc. I thought the most poignant was living on minimum wage, with Spurlock did himself along with his fiance. It really drove home the fact that it is nearly impossible to actually live on minimum wage, no matter where you live or how careful you are with your expenses.

I also enjoyed the finale of Six Feet Under. It was somewhat anti-climactic, but tied up the loose ends.

In it’s place, a new series is starting this evening, Rome, which I will be checking out tonite. I also have some movies from netflix.


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