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Pennsic: nearing the end

Pretty much, how I’ve spent my days in camp is we lounge around getting massaged, and I’ve been doing henna. I got to work on music again with Emyrs, and made the occasional trip up to the merchant area and down to the swimming hole and my friends’ camp, Haveabeer. I’m glad that I’ve been able to spend more time with my friends at Haveabeer this year.

I have reached the point now where I’m pretty much exhausted and burnt out. I have had all the fun I can have and now it’s just a matter of surviving the rest of the week. I have a sore throat and my neck hurts from sleeping on it wrong. I am going to try to take it easy from now on.

Last night was a blast. I followed the Haveabeer camp’s procession to the Inquisition party at Vlad’s, and I got totally hammered. Tonite is midnight madness and I may walk around the merchant area and turn in early. Thursday is the hoyty toyty party at Casa Bardicci. Not sure what I’m doing Friday or Saturday. Saturday, I plan on taking a car load home because I don’t think we can make it in one trip.

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