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Now I have two “Substances”

I also got “Substance” by Joy Division. I figured since I love the New Order “Substance” so much, I would like its predecessor. They are a little before my time, though.

I must be old, since I am buying these albums that are now 20+ years old. It used to be that I was always buying the newest cutting edge music as soon as it was released, but now I’m looking for things that are so old, they are almost out of print now. Still, I wouldn’t say I’m much of a collector. My bro’ buys about 20 new CDs every month. I can’t even keep up with that, but I always need something new to listen too, even if it’s really 20 years old.

I did recently purchase something that is quite new–Rasputina’s latest Radical Recital. It is AWESOME. It is a live recording from a show they did here in Pittsburgh at Mr. Small’s theatre–good acoustics. The recording quality is impressive, and it includes Melora’s witty introductions to each song and two covers not on any other albums that I’m aware of: “Barracuda” and “Rock n Roll.” Highly recommended.

Speaking of new CD acquisitions, I am realizing that my “collection” is now exceeding my storage capacity, so I might be shopping for CD towers today. Other than that, I’m hoping I can get some laundry done and maybe even some sewing–Aethelmearc War Practice is in two weeks!!!


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