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The Night of Fives

I had an interesting conversation with Manny at the door. I was handing him my $5 and he asked me who I was friends with here, meaning which band did I come to see. I said I wasn’t friends with anyone here, except the friend I came with, and I came to see all the bands, and I had never seen any of them before, so I have no idea if I will like any them or not. This seemed to baffle and confuse Manny.

The Gothees were the first band. I loved them! They did a Jackson Five cover, another cover I couldn’t quite place, “I’m Alive” by Pearl Jam–and they said they would never ever do that one again, “Bits and Pieces,” and “Pressure” (Bowie). I loved them because they did all the songs in their own style, and because they weren’t well-rehearsed. It reminded me a lot of Live Band Karaoke; they even read the lyrics from sheets.

Second band: The Bumps played a lot of “hippie” music–“Take a load off Annie,” “Up on Crickle Creek,” etc. I don’t care much for that genre but they get points for enthusiastic execution.

Third band: The Telefonics, from Erie, PA. I like them a lot. All clad in black, and the female lead singer was wearing a blonde wig with a flip. She periodically sipped from a bottle in a brown paper bag. She said she had been drinking the whole way down from Erie. Gotta love her. I did not recognize any of the songs they did, except one called “Sunday” sounded familiar, but it was all stuff I think I would like to listen to, if I knew what it was.

I was too tired and did not stay for the other two bands. I probably would have enjoyed it all, though.


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