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This looks like a whole lotta fun…

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The Gothees have escaped house arrest and will be appearing as part of
The Night of FIVES at Garfield Artworks.

What is the Night of FIVES? Well kids … here’s the details: FIVE
bands of FIVE members performing FIVE covers of bands of FIVE members
all for only FIVE bucks! Whew …
so that’s 25 songs for only $5 which breaks down to only 20 cents per
song … TAKE THAT iTunes!

STARRING The Hope Harveys with The Bumps, Telefonics, HM’s and The
Gothees. This is an ALL AGES gig, so all you school kids can get out
and see us without fake IDs for once!

The doors open at 8pm and The Gothees will be the first act on …

4931 Penn Avenue – Garfield.

FANS, please remember … we are doing FIVE cover songs, so this will
not be the typical Gothees gig you all know and (possibly) love …
but, you just might be presently
surprised … and YES there will be a theremin present as well as a NEW
Gothee on board and a returning favorite from our original line-up.
While we have your attention … The Gothees
have several shows coming up – check out our site for more details:


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