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Freezepop, et al

I’m so glad I dragged myself out to the show last night. It was awesome. Everyone was awesome.

Alexx Reed – awesome solo acoustic guitar filk; did a few songs from his Better Roads EP, and a few new songs that will be on his next EP and the next Thou Shalt Not album. He is an amazing songwriter and I love his work.

Girl Talk – was very…entertaining. Part DJ and part performance artist–the music was a chaotic mash up of popular dance music and other unlikely numbers. The dude has so much energy–he was hopping up and down or rolling around on the floor most of the time, while a cheesy home video of him eating noodles and applying suntan lotion was projected on a screen in back. It was like white-boy hip-hop on crack.

Freezepop – was delightful. They remind me of Human League, Berlin, or the soundtrack to Super Mario Bros. video game. For me, the music was very uplifting, happy, high energy–it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I must own all of their albums.

The art displayed in the gallery was also very appealing to me, especially the fabric/fiber stuff. The most notable object: a huge life-size chaotic patchwork quilt unicorn. I wanted to hug it.


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