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Last night

Between the Waters was awesome, as usual. Being the opening act, they did a short set, and a friend and I remarked that they have so many songs now, that we didn’t get to hear all of our favorites. I guess my favorite that they did not play last night is, Can it Be. However, they did do their cover of Tasmin Archer’s Sleeping Satellite, which I love, and is on their demo, but not on their album.

I liked the second band, Shade, so much that I bought their album. It got a good write-up in Spin. Patricia thinks they sound like My Bloody Valentine, but me being a less educated listener, I thought they sounded like The Killers, The Cars, etc.but I’ve been comparing everything to The Killers lately. I only stayed for the first song by Chin Up Chin Up and I thought they were good, too, but more pop sounding. They were billed as “art pop” from Chicago. Shade plugged Monday nights at The Upstage. I will have to check that out some time. Heaven knows I don’t spend enough time there;)

LBK was ok. I sang Heartbreaker and Hey Mickey to try something new.

Coming up: Sat 03/06/05……..Freezepop, ThouShaltNot, Girl Talk….Garfield Artworks


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