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More reflections on Las Vegas

I did indeed see “The Star Trek Experience” at the LV Hilton last Friday. I recommend it highly, if you are into that sort of thing. There is a museum/collection of actual props and costumes from all of the TV series and movies, and there are two rides: 1) The Klingon Encounter is a flight simulator-type ride, like the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios, and 2) Borg Invasion 4D is a 3D theatre with live actors and special effects, like the T2 ride at Universal Studios. You pay one price to see all of it. Quark’s bar is free to walk in and hang out. There’s even a guy dressed as Quark and other servers in costume. They do indeed have Klingon blood wine and Romulan ale on the menu. The gift shop has all the Star Trek merchandise you could want, including autographed props and other items from the series and movies. I spent most of my souvenir budget there.


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