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Holiday Shopping–Bah Humbug!

It’s that dreaded time of year–a time of rampant consumerism and gift-giving. I have mixed feelings. I love giving gifts. I love receiving them even more, but I don’t like having this “excuse,” especially when everyone else and their grandmother are out there with the same idea. I try to avoid the malls and crowds, if possible, and if I can buy it for you online–there you go. Another issue this year is that I’m po’. And, who to buy for? I would like to spread cheer to as many folks as possible, but difficult on a limited budget. The DIY gift route is also a challenge seeing as I am a workaholic and have not much time for handicrafts these days. So, it looks like I will be making a special trip to Ye Olde Dollar Store. Hey, don’t laugh. They have some good practical things. Believe me, this is better than if I were to attempt to knit you a sweater or something as ludicrous as that…I picked up a knitting project last night that I actually started last year–a simple scarf in garter stitch–and it is coming along absolutely dreadfully. There are gaps and holes, and bumps, and lumps, and a few extra stitches here and there, and it’s crooked and uneven and I’m really only doing it as an exercise to focus the mind, doh! If it’s any indication of how focused my mind is, well then…there you go. But seriously, if I see your gift somewhere…if it speaks to me…if it reaches out and grabs me…I will buy it for you…so, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR Chrismachanukawanzika this year?


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