The Amazing Mirvana

Travels, and makes stuff.

A couple things…

This Sat., Ceremony will be doing a “90s night.” Come on out, generation X and Y!

And did I mention that Between the Waters will be at Garfield Artworks this Friday, tomorrow night, doors 7:30 pm? Only $5! You MUST go to this show if you are able if for no other reason than to watch Manny eat his shorts. Although it was big of him to have BTW’s record release party at GA, he has been lesss than supportive of the group in the past. He continues to rave about the now defunkt The Garden, and pine away for them, even though their remnants are now part of BTW, and I just don’t think he’s given them enough of a chance. And, I believe that he has a responsibility because he can have a big influence on a band’s success here. Anyway, I hope there is a large crowd at the show so that he can EAT HIS SHORTS.

Addendum: Oh, and I forgot to mention that there is a good review of BTW in the Pgh City Paper this week.


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