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twistedview uploaded some neato photos from that Black Moth Super Rainbow show at Thee Eye.

     Sana’i ! If you don’t find a friend, be your own
friend!  In this world of every kind of man and every kind of
task, be a man for your own task!*
    Each member of this caravan is stealing his own
baggage — place your own self behind and sit before your
    People sell ephemeral beauty and buy
ephemeral love — pass beyond those two dry riverbeds and be
your own river!
    These friends of yours keep on pulling you by
the hand toward nonexistence — steal back your hand and be
your own helper!
    These beauties painted on canvas veil the
beauties of the heart-lift up the veil and enter: Be with your
own Beloved!
    Be with your own Beloved and be a well-thinking,
good man! Be more than two worlds — dwell in your own
    Go, do not become drunk with the wine that
increase arrogance — behold the brightness of that Face and be
soberly aware of your own Self!

           — Ghazal (Ode) 1244
              Translation by William C. Chittick
              “The Sufi Path of Love”
              SUNY Press, Albany, 1983

* Rumi refers to Sana’i’s discussion of good and evil
in his Hadiqat al-haqiqat.

And this is just too darned hysterical:

20 Questions to a Better Relationship
eXpressive: 5/10
Practical: 8/10
Physical: 8/10
Giver: 7/10

You are a RPYG–Reserved Practical Physical Giver. This makes you a 1950s Parent.

You are relentlessly patient, loving, generous and devoted. You are unflappable. If on some rare occasion you do raise your voice or say a swear word in anger, anyone around to hear it will remember it (and think it was funny). At the same time, you’re very cute and charming, and even if you don’t catch someone’s eye at the beginning of the night you’ll surely have their attention by the end.

Your calm, conservative nature conceals a passionate (and sexy!) heart.

You can have trouble bringing up problems, but your approach to conflict is calm and even-handed. The problem can be is that you are so busy worrying about your partner’s satisfaction that you don’t ensure your own. This can build up over time and make you restless. Despite your sexual nature, you are more likely to cheat emotionally than physically.

You tend to work out your frustrations in the bedroom. Depending on your partner, this can be an excellent strategy. You would be a great candidate to balance out an XSYT, but not a good match for an unappreciative RPYT.

You have an odd, ritualized vice that doesn’t suit the rest of your persona — like smoking a certain brand of cigarettes or drinking a certain kind of wine.

Of the 37671 people who have taken this quiz, 5.1 % are this type.

Addendum: Daily Cancer Forecast

Quickie: Your volume doesn’t always have to be cranked to 11. Give six or seven a try.


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