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War Practice Pix/Going Away on Business…

I’ll be taking off for Zurich, Switzerland in a few days to teach a class for work. Then, I’ll be teaching another class in Aachen, Germany. Then, I’m speaking at a technical conference in Orlando, Fla. I’ve never been so in-demand at work. Needless to say, I might be out of touch with my blog for a while. I’ll post pictures if I get any good ones. Speaking of which, War Practice was a good time. The weather was much milder than last year. It wasn’t very well-attended, though. At least not by the merchants. I heard that some of them chose go to Baron Wars instead. Father Dun was sorely missed. My big purchase was several yards of trim from Calontir Trim.

An Elizabethan couple and their “mini-me’s.”


Just hanging around…


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