The Amazing Mirvana

Travels, and makes stuff.

Back home, back to work

The sun finally came out in Las Vegas, but now I am back home where it’s cold and snowy. Here is a view of the Bellagio from my room:

Nice day, wasn’t it;-) Anyway, my ride home was nice and quiet–no drunk guy. I really really really enjoyed going to the goth night there. I regret that I wasn’t able to go to some of the other club nights and get to know these people a little bit better. Their scene appears to be much smaller than Pittsburgh, and they were happy to talk to a tourist like myself. I also regret not pushing my corset biz on them a bit harder. I only gave out one card. I am inspired now to visit goth scenes in other cities. “Darkthreads”–goth ambassador of Pittsburgh. Speaking of corsets, I should be finishing up this one I am working on and get it out there. And, it’s back to the grindstone with Khafif and recording &etc. Oh yeah, and back to the real job on Monday. Oddly enough, I am inspired in that area, too. I talked to a lot of consultants and other colleagues whom I see seldom, because we are a “virtual” team–spread out over the country and the world, and it is nice to now be able to associate faces with names.


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