The Amazing Mirvana

Travels, and makes stuff.

So…I’m in the City of Sin…

My flight in was somewhat nightmarish. The advantage of having a direct flight was negated by the fact that I had to sit next to DRUNK guy the whole 5 hrs, who insisted on talking to me despite my venomous looks, and making like I wanted to sleep. I finally spoke to him in such a sharp and authoritative tone that it startled him into FEAR and he left me alone for a while, but continued to talk to himself about the mean scary girl sitting next to him.

So, I have a nice room at the Flamingo…

I’m attempting to have a good time here, despite having to attend classes &etc. Already, I walked around Ceasar’s forum shops–drool, drool, drool. I must have hit it just at the right time because the marble fountains in the forum suddenly became animated and put on their “show.” One of them turns into a planetarium and laser show. Another one is a big production advertisement for the “Atlantis” show. And, I was entertained at the opening reception of the conference by a mime (who made me a balloon-bear and spun a plate on my finger), “bubble girl” (who was HOT), a close-up magician with a French accent (who was VERY good–made my ring disappear and reappear), and of course, Elvis himself (who was also HOT). Also walked around the Paris and the Bellagio. Fantasized about hitting the jackpot and actually being able to shop in the Valentino store (but haven’t actually gambled yet).


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